保时捷设计正在发布他们1919年的新收藏,它将介绍保时捷1919年设计的日期计时器系列1和保时捷1919年设计的全球计时器系列1手表。The 1919 collection is Porsche Design's homage to the Bauhaus movement.对于那些不熟悉的人,包豪斯运动非常重视设计中的简单性和功能性概念。Though it's a little early for the centenary celebration of the movement (that will be in 2019,如果你猜不出收藏品的名字,保时捷设计在此系列中推出了这两款手表。What's interesting,though,is the fact that this is the kind statement that Porsche Design is choosing to make after their relationship with永恒的终结about a year and a half ago.Since then,they released theTimepiece No.一,它的名字清楚地表明,保时捷设计正为该品牌开创一个新的开端。Now,they're not going in-house (in fact,他们使用了两种不同的Sellita动作,这个SW 200以及SW 330)but Porsche Design clearly wants to establish an identity outside of its past brand collaborations.


T1919年保时捷设计的日期计时器系列1将推出四款车型,所有这些都采用了简约的设计,既简单又干净,又不会出现斯巴达人。”一个干净的哑光黑色表盘和白色的手提供了一个很好的视觉对比。4点钟的小日期窗口,also found insome of Porsche Design's Chronotimer watches,足够小,不会把表盘弄得乱七八糟。This is likely due to the fact that there's no magnifier and the date window sticks to the watch's color scheme.我发现秒针上和12点正上方的红色口音增加了一种很好的运动感。

1919年保时捷设计的日期计时器系列1手表有一个Sellita SW 200运动。It has a 38 hour power reserve,features 26 jewels,频率为28,800 per hour (4 Hz). The case is 42mm,有凸起的,抗刮擦,双面七层防反射蓝宝石晶体。它防水100米(保时捷1919年设计的Globetimer系列1有不同的运动,covered below,但是有相同的案例统计)。


1919年的保时捷设计Globatimer系列1是格林威治标准时间手表,设计时考虑了旅行者。A little busier than it's simpler siblings,the Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer Series 1 watches add a 24-hour scale to the inner ring and move the date window to 3 o'clock.所有时间都标记在这个集合中,而保时捷1919年设计的日期计时器系列1手表只贴上了12,3,6,and 9 o'clock positions with numerals.You'll also notice the red arrow distinguishing the second time zone hour hand.

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  • Adam Young

    I do have a soft spot for Bauhaus design in things,and the globetimer looks fantastic.”Simple and clean without coming off as Spartan"is a great way to put it.

    • 我同意,除了包豪斯的东西通常是最小的。Too many numbers to be"真正包豪斯–但我觉得这很好,因为我通常觉得包豪斯太过无菌和太少(通常功能性会降低)。不管怎么说,这些看起来都不像没有数字的PD手表。

      我发现大部分的PD设计“干净”and these are not an exception.我也发现他们通常定价过高,这些也不例外。

      后面的时间很方便,因为你只需要参考它来设定格林威治标准时间,所以不管怎样,你都不必一直看。As as always,注意,没有印度或朝鲜的参考资料,因为他们不使用格林尼治标准时间(他们的政府IMO做出的失败决定)的偶数小时时差。

      • Adam Young

        至于时区,它们一般都很混乱,为什么我不羡慕精工和卡西欧的人们制造自动设置为当地时间的GPS手表。None of the timezones make any real sense,and when you add daylight savings into the mix then all bets are off.你可以跨越国家(甚至是地区)边界,发现时间最多改变了三个小时(甚至不是一个整数)。当我统治世界的时候,我只会坚持UTC,or Swatch .beat time 🙂

        • 我完全同意夏令时把事情搞得一团糟。全球定位系统的手表使事情变得正常,因为位置加上正确的UTC,以及将位置映射到时区的计算能力都可以解决。UTC still seems odd for people who don't travel or work with people in other parts of the world.对于大多数人来说,22:00的午休时间(就像我住的地方一样)会很奇怪。但工作的时区更少。美国大陆would use 2 instead of 4 zones for instance.干杯。

  • 骷髅王

    干净的设计,喜欢它。很好,很有用。品牌化程度最低。一块独特的手表的价格也不错。Skeletor approves.

    • 伊格


      • 骷髅王


  • SuperStrapper


  • 瑞安湾


    • 骷髅王

      skagen means poop in Danish.

  • 雷蒙德威尔基

    这是一块无聊的蹩脚手表。绝对不值得,因为上面写着保时捷。约会窗口让我恼火(应该在3点)。The world hour setting on the back?what bright spark thought that what can we fill it with crap nonsense.如果我和它有任何关系,我永远不会把这件事与汽车联系在一起。Is their another watch out there with my other cars a mini written on it??

  • MTNSiCl


    • Despite the name,完全独立的公司。

      • MTNSiCl


        • More these days (since 2003) than when originally started by F.A.Porsche as a separate company in 1972.但它或多或少是一家独立的设计公司,在过去的12年里,它一直是保时捷公司的多数股权。但这并不仅仅是一个配件制造部门的保时捷汽车人(许多人认为)。

  • 伊格


    • 骷髅王

      No but for you they should make a limited edition cyanide capsule.

      • 伊恩


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  • ULYSSE31


  • 蹒跚

    I like the modern design and the numbering.不过,我不可能花那么多钱。

  • 拉里霍尔马克

    手表本身的设计看起来很酷……但是它是开放的。”“空气”between the lugs and strap….well…as one person said….makes it look like a Skagen.如果你是一个世界旅行者“…do you really want to have to take your watch off…and look at the case back to figure how many hours you need to adjust your watch?There are plenty of smart watches out there that do it automatically….and you'll save yourself quite a few grand!!!!很好的尝试……但这一个最好考虑一下。

  • 欢呼

    钟爱手表。间隙/凸耳非常独特,一直是我最喜欢的保时捷设计手表。Really like the rubber and bracelet designs as well.Simple,爱运动的,understated.I like how they chose to use smaller fonts on the dial compared to their older watches – a lot cleaner looking dial.红色的格林威治标准时间指针被限制了,但它会给表盘额外的弹出信号和一些值得注意的东西。Lightweight titanium is another huge plus for comfort.Seriously going to consider buying this one.

  • 埃兹尼卡


  • 德鲁夫谢格尔

    伟大的文章比拉尔。I am really impressed by the design,然而,这不超出我的预算。I am looking for such a sporty yet minimalistic watch but somewhere around $2000-$2,200.Can you suggest anything??